Reasons to Bid on A Mask Pt ONE

1.Because bidding allows you to donate some money to the Children in Crisis Fund which sends books to kids with nothing left- imagine that was your child, or you, with everything lost and not even a book to lose yourself in?
2. Because some of the money goes to look after the bears given sanctuary after a life of being human commodities in unspeakable pain.
3. Because we are part of the wild world, and a bid is a cry out that you believe that too.
4.These wonderful children’s book illustrators decorated these amazing masks, offering their art and talent to the world in this unique way, with no payment and they even returned them to me at their own expense, and the least we can do is to respond in kind.
5.You not only put something back into the world, you get an amazing and once only work of art.
6. next time you have a party, you can wear your mask and watch their amazement when you say how much you paid and by the way it was made by Peter Canarvas – you know the one that just won the Crystal Kite award after being short listed for three years running? Or it’s a Shaun Tan, you know, he who one the academy award for his animated film The Lost Thing? Or it’s by Alison Lester- the Children’s Laureate that went to the Antarctic. Or you know, Ann James whose Dirty Dinosaur illustrations your kid loves so much…

to be continued…