A Smile at Arm’s Length.

Call into the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre to visit the masks before the exhibition is dismantled, and see this once only exhibition of mask art, for the love of bears and children in crisis.


Visit on Thursday the 9th of June, and you can ascend to The High Ground for the launch of the limited edition of the artist book,  ‘a smile at arm’s length’ – subtitled, Digital emissions and selfie obsessions in the Australian Landscape, 2016, the words are by Greg Day and illustrations are by mask maker extraordinaire, Jiri Tibor Novak.

a smile at arm's length

‘This is their second artist book collaboration, the first  being ‘Visitors’, published in 2012. Once again, Sian Marlow designed the exquisite book of which there are only 12 available.


The book will be launched by poet, Dr Amanda Johnson, who also wrote the preface for the book. The books will be available at the event, along with some special one off prints of the pages.


Make sure you take the opportunity to visit Jiri’s wonderful mask, and then come here, and make a bid for it!