All about the Children

IBBY in Lebanon photoIBBY’s creed is that  every child, rich or poor, safe or in danger, with a home or without, has the right to become a reader, according to dedicated President of the Australian Branch of the International organisation, Dr Robin Morrow. 

“IBBY Australia continues to support the Children in Crisis Fund,’ she said.

When I asked for some examples of the work done by the Children in Crisis Fund, Dr Morrow said, “We conducted fundraising efforts after the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan, and contributed to the special book vans that delivered books and trained personnel to children in devastated areas.

“Now we are supporting a bibliotherapy program in Lebanon, which began in 2013 with two public schools in Lebanon that accommodate Syrian refugee children who have fled the war.

“The children attend the special program on Friday, their day off normal school.”

Dr Morrow quoted the leader of the program: The work we are doing with these children is lighting a candle in the dark tunnel they have had to cross too early in life.

“She sees that the love they are given, the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of means, the possibility of meeting characters in books who set examples of good behaviour, the privilege of being heard and sympathized with are all helping these children deal with their hate and anger rather than directing it towards self or others,’ Dr Morrow said.

(Pictured below in Stromovka Park in Prague, Dr Robin Morrow)

thumbnail_RM Stromovka Park

“We believe in the vital role of stories and reading in children’s lives,” she said. “Help us by contributing to this program for children in great need.”




Dr Morrow applauded all those who have bid on masks or bought Dreamscape CDs for their help in raising funds to continue the work of the Children in Crisis fund. But if you have not been able to bid or buy a CD, why not contribute directly to the Children in Crisis fund or to the other work done by this wonderful organisation. You can find a direct link on the About the Charities page on the masthead above?


Isobelle Carmody