Reasons NOT to bid on a mask


book launch;red queen

1. Because I don’t see any point in helping raise money for  kids I don’t know, especially when some of them live in other countries than Australia. I only care about kids I know in Australia.

2. I don’t have any kids so I am indifferent to their welfare.


3. Because there is no reason to raise money to rescue bears being kept in cages.  Bears are animals and everyone knows animals are not like humans.  They don’t feel pain or fear. They are there to be used up by humans.

3. Because we are not part of the wild world. We are more important and superior. The world exists only for we human to use as we like.
4. I don’t want to encourage the children’s book illustrators who wasted their valuable time decorating these masks for free. They should be getting on with their own work and selling it for their own benefit. Why on earth would they spend their time trying to help Isobelle Carmody raise money. It is not as if writers and children’s book illustrators are rich! They should not encourage her!


Ann James and my wonderful editor Nan McNab, displaying the masks for the first time at the High Tea with the Red Queen event.

5. I have no use for a mask. I keep my works of art in a bank vault to keep them safe as appreciable assets.  A mask is not serious enough for my collection.



6. The sort of people I hang around with don’t read or care about books so they would not know that some of the mask makers have won huge awards, or are short listed for prizes, so there would be no use in boasting.




7. Because it costs too much money to bid – I would have to pay sixty dollars or more and that is too much. I could shout my friend to a meal.  I could buy myself a new shirt, I could go to the movies gold class!




to be continued…