The Artful Anne Spudvilas

Since it is my birthday today, (and I am sick dammit) I am giving myself the treat of posting a little article about a painting Anne did for the Doug Moran Portrait prize of me and my daughter, Adelaide.  That is, Adelaidethegirl who created the Dreamscape CD. When Anne asked me to sit, I said that I would do it if I could be painted with Adelaide and be looking down at her. Anne was fine with that and came to stay to do the preliminary work.



The result was so lovely I could not resist buying it 🙂


My only regret is that such a lovely piece is seen by so few, like all privately purchased art, and it gives me great pleasure to share it on this occasion, with all those who have supported with fundraising event.


book launch;red queen

Above is Adelaidethegirl in her mindstream incarnation- you can follow the link to find out how to purchase a copy of her Dreamscape CD and add to our charity fund by following the link in the sidebar.


Only two masks to go now …

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  1. Jessica Francis says:

    So beautiful