The countdown … eight days to go!

Only eight days remain of the auction now.



Imagine being able to hang Metamorphosis by Beast mistress Cathy Larsen, alongside the certificate of ownership you will receive with each mask, explaining how this Unmasking the Wild exhibition and auction came about, how much it raised for the two charities and how you played a part by bidding highest for this work.



Above, Cathy and one of her feline muses.


Or how about giving your son or boyfriend or your wild girlfriend the truly stupendous gift of a mask from the Dragon Master himself, Mark Mc Bride, in the dramatic “Transformation.”




One of Mark’s works on display at the Fremantle Literature Centre

Or consider what an amazing gift Ann James’ whimsical mask, “The Company We Keep would make for the birthday of a cherished friend or relative, or what a conversation piece any of these masks would make, set upon your mantelpiece or bookshelf or on the wall of your office!

'The Company we Keep'

  Aside from being a brilliant artist and writer, Ann, like many of the other generous mask maskers, is tireless in her work to help promote reading and literacy and her support for such causes as Indigenous Literary.

Ann James



Anne helping me to launch the Unmasking the Wild exhibition at Geelong Library- you can see her enchantingly quirky mask on the lower corner nearest the podium.