The Countdown … Five days to go!

What is it about a countdown that induces a sense of urgency?

Is it all those movies you watched where the bad guy was counting down before he pushed the button to set off the TNT?  Or the countdown in front of the firing squad? Or the countdown while Houdini tried to get out of the chains underwater?

Or does it go back further to when your mum and dad started counting to get you in the car, or finish your meal or turn out the light …

Whatever the reason, the countdown to the end of the Unmasking the Wild auction is underway and with only five days to go, I hope you do feel a sense of urgency. I would like to invite you to revisit masks you may not have looked at.

For instance,  the mask made by Kevin Burgemeestre.


Consider making a bid on his exquisitely rendered

‘The Messenger’

'The Messenger''


or what of Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley

Matt created the lovely and whimsical

‘Music of Life’ 

'The music of life'

Or consider the lovely

‘The Green Spirit’ 


'The Green Spirit'

Created by the inestimable Nick Bland.


Nick (pictured above with some of his charges) like all of the many illustrators involved in this auction, who have worked tirelessly and without payment to support such causes as the ones I am raising money for.  I might add that none of them have ever told me any of this – I stumbled on their work and their passion to help others over and over, and I am all the more humbled by their willingness to take part in this fundraising idea of mine.

I hope you will bid as generously and as willingly as they have done.

And remember, if you can’t afford to bid on a mask, please tweet and Facebook and instagram this site for the last few days, and urge your friends and family and co workers to look in and see the beautiful work done by the mask makers, and maybe even make a bid.


Isobelle Carmody