The Countdown … Ten days to go!

Now that the last of the mask makers has been unmasked,  I mean to count down the remaining ten days of the auction with a new post for every day gradually reprising all of the creators in joint articles. This is post one of ten. I will also randomly rotate the mask makers pages to the home page to remind you of the masks you might have missed- remember you can bid over and over up till midnight on June 30.

Given that we have just revealed the lovely mask created by Phoebe Robinson, the last of the mask makers to be matched with her mask, it seems appropriate to match Omega with alpha, so I would begin today by reminding you of the first mask maker we matched  with his magnificent mask…



The wonderful Shaun Tan…



who made this mask




cypress man





























You can still bid on Shaun’s mask, even if you have already made a bid.


If you have not bid, consider buying a bootleg Dreamscape CD and adding $20 to the fund tally.


Whether you have or have not bid, please pass on the word – tweet, instagram, Facebook  tumblr images of the masks and the link to the Unmasking the Wild – tell people about the auction and help me to create a bidding frenzy in the final ten days- remind people that they can buy one mask as a syndicate group as a gift for a mother or sister or brother who has everything; for a girlfriend or boyfriend with a tender heart; for a child’s first birthday;  for a friend ; even for a boss worthy of such a gift. Or as a prize trophy!


Remember too that this is also a countdown of the days remaining, during which you still have the chance to see this remarkable collection in its entirety, at the Geelong Library, in the special glass case purchased to hold the masks. You can also see the themed book displays the wonderful library staff  have faithfully been setting up of the artwork of the various illustrators. I am also hoping to publish a picture of each of the successful bidders with or wearing their mask, but that it only a hope. Bid without fear of your generous face/s being exposed 🙂


Isobelle Carmody