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At last the bootleg CD of the soundscape  Adelaidethegirl created based on the Obernewtyn Chronicles is ready to go!

Here is a glimpse of the CD itself, in its case.



And here is the talented musical magician, Hori Matthews, who burned the CDs, created the stickers and cover and basically turned the idea into the thing. He has them all piled up and waiting for me to collect them!




Cathy Larson whose mask has recently been revealed, painted the flame bird which is used on the cover and on the sticker in part. You can see some more of her amazing beast art on her mask page. Here is the original painting she created at Adelaide’s request, to fit into her cover concept. Cathy also assembled theart on the cover and hand-drew the special font on the CD so that it echoed the font of the text on the Obernewtyn covers!


original painting by Cathy Larsen.

And this is a photograph of Albert Ulin taken at the Masked Ball to celebrate the launch of The Red Queen, and taken by the wonderful Anne Spudvilas (who is a mask maker whose fabulous mask is yet to be revealed, as well as a wonderful photographer). Anne also painted Adelaide and I for a portrait prize when Adelaide was a child, and you will be able to see this on Anne’s page, too, in her gallery, which it is revealed! Adelaide chose this picture of Anne’s out of the hundreds of pictures taken of the many hundreds of people who attended the event. Adelaide had no idea whose photograph it was; No idea how wonderfully apt it was to have the image of this man on the cover of a CD of music that took its inspiration from a book.




Photograph of Albert Ullin by Anne Spudvillas


Because albert Ullin opened the first dedicated Children’s bookshop IN AUSTRALIA. The iconic Little Bookroom. Thank you to Anne, who allowed us to use the photograph and Albert who allowed us the use of his wonderful face and form. Follow this link to The Wheeler Centre site, and see a really lovely interview with Albert by Jennifer Bryne.


Most of all, thank you to Adelaidethegirl, my lovely talented daughter, who created this wonderful music for the masked ball, performed it there, and then had the idea of selling the CDs for charity while the mask auction unfolded.


Below:  Adelaidethegirl performing Starve the Sea at the Masked Ball.


obernewtyn chronicles'red queen

Photograph by George Stawicki


Buy a copy (or more) of this CD, and the amount you pay will go into our charity coffers.

It is a bootleg CD by which we mean while it cost a lot to produce, the actual CD is not pressed and the cover inserts are not printed professionally. It was all done by hand by Hori, because we want to donate every cent of the price you pay to our two charities. The CD’s cost $20 each and I will pay for the postage, or you can collect it at Comic Con Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. If you would like Adelaide to sign them, you need to make note of that, too, as she will be present only at the Brisbane Comic Con.

If you would like to order a copy, leave your request  in the comments field below. You will then be contacted for an address and to organise payment. The CD will then be posted out or we will arrange a physical delivery if you are attending Comic con.

The CD will be launched in Brisbane partway through the month.  Adelaide will perform at the occasion, and you can buy a copy then!  Details to be announced…




Adelaide in her Mindstream costume for the ball, with me and the wonderful Morris Gleitzman, who launched The Red Queen so beautifully at the ball.


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  1. Heather Giles says:

    1 CD to be collected from Isobelle

  2. Amelia Richards says:

    3 CDs to be posted please. I would like to pay for the postage costs. Thank you, Isobelle and Adelaide.

  3. Fernanda says:

    1 CD to be posted to Darwin please x

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’d love a copy of the CD, please. I don’t mind paying extra for postage.

    Music inspired by the Obernewtyn Chronicles, two of my favourite things!

  5. Natalie Sommer says:

    I’d like a CD please 🙂

  6. Rachel says:

    2 CDs to be posted please

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    One for me!

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  9. Rebecca says:

    1 please! Thank you 🙂

  10. Jo Turner says:

    will pay for postage also!

  11. Nadia Turner says:

    1CD please! will absolutely pay for postage too- wonderful job adelaide and isabelle!!

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    1 CD please & I’ll pay for postage, also.

  14. Chantelle Shaw says:

    20 + postage

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    1 CD to be posted please x

  16. Marina Sipos says:

    And happy to pay for postage!