A last look at Ken Carmody Unmasked

Bidding reserve: Highest Bid so far: $180

This is the Knightly Ken Carmody





This is the Mask Ken made





Title of mask


        Title: The Last Winged Thing.





Ken on making his mask

I started out by making sketches on paper. Based on the sketches I redrew the mask on the computer, then printed out the outline of the mask.

My Mask 1


I then transferred the printout onto a cereal box using a pencil and cut out the beak and mask shapes separately, stapling the beak to the mask.
I added paper mache on both sides then applied a layer of plaster to smooth the paper mache out.
I sanded the surface smooth then applied a coat of white paint, adding some  3D paint to give the surface some patterned texture.


I painted the final colour and added and elastic to hold it on.
It did not sit on the face as I would have likes so I got soft sponges and glued them to the inside of the mask to make it more comfortable.


Ken in the mask he made.


About Ken

Ken Carmody is an illustrator and graphic artist. He was born in Victoria and lives in Melbourne.  He is also a tertiary graphic arts teacher. Ken drew the first Obernewtyn map based on a rough I had drawn and he and I created a book together called The Landlord for Lothian books. We are working now on a graphic novel hybrid.




Now all you need to do is scroll down, looking at other work Ken has done following the links if you want to see more, and then make your bid for his incredibly beautiful hand made mask. If your bid is highest at the end of the auction, every cent will go to our charities, and you will receive an original work of art!

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Ken Carmody


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Other work



This is an illustration from another book Ken and I are working on – another graphic hybrid.


Mask bidding reserve: Highest Bid so far: $180

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