One last look at Tina Carmody Unmasked

Bidding reserve: Highest Bid so far :- $250

The Terrifically Talented Tina Carmody






This is the mask Tina made



This is what the mask looked like before she worked her art magic on it:



Tina on making her mask.

“I was delighted to be asked by Isobelle about making a mask for the Masked Ball Book Launch of The Red Queen,’ Tina said.

“Only I was freaked out when I received the actual mask!

“I researched and planned until I was happy with the concept then I planned out on the paper what I would do, before the making.


“The mask shape reminded me of the flame/ phoenix/ bird, therefore I  intended to make the mask look as if it was on fire. The red colour and the black colour are furious and passionate with each other.
They tangled and splashed on the mask with henna pattern blooming on the top.


“The mask is a tribute to honor the red queen event.”

-Tina Carmody


About Tina Carmody.

Tina was born in Taiwan and grew up in a very traditional Aisan family.
She went to a christian high school and fell in love with making greeting card at 15. She came to Australia at 18, got a multimedia degree and went on to be a web mistress for artists and designer.
Though she was building websites for survival, she always escaped back to her favourite activity- greeting cards. She has crafted many amazing greeting cards from Takami Suzuki’s cards ideas, and many more from her own concept.

Tina is not a children’s book illustrator, but I always love being able to showcase emerging talent – in fact it is one of my rules of thumb to do so whenever I have a project involving established talents- such as the collection of short stories I edited with Nan Mc Nabb, The Wicked Wood and The Wilful Eye. There are two little known but fabulous new writers showcased within its pages. In the same spirit, I invited two talented newcomers to take part in the mask exhibition and  Tina is one of them.

She is also the web ninja that minds my idiosyncratic website.





Tina modeling her mask.




All you need do now is scroll down and bid. Remember not one cent of your bid, should you win this mask, goes to Tina or to me.  All of your bid amount will be divided between the bile bear sanctuary and the Children in Crisis fund. The mask will then be sent to you as a memento and a reminder that we are all part of the wild world and so we has better take care of it!




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Mask bidding reserve: Highest Bid so far :- $250

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