Two days to go and some final Bear facts.

On these last two days of the Unmasking the wild auction, I would like t0 focus on the work done by  the two charities for which we are raising funds. Today, I asked Australian Director of  Animals Asia, Anne Lloyd-Jones, to write me a last post for the site.





The Bear Facts

Rescuing animals is an expensive business and the costs are particularly high when the animals are endangered Asiatic Black Bears (aka moon bears) who have endured decades of suffering on bear bile farms.




Of the 579 bears rescued by Animals Asia to date, 384 are still with us leading happy, healthy lives but every one of those bears requires food, shelter, vet care and enrichment at a total cost of $40 per bear per day. What is even more sobering if that the life expectancy for a captive bear can be up to 35 years



So the job ahead of us is immense and it’s not just limited to the bears we have rescued – there are still 10,000 bears on farms in China and a further 1,200 in Vietnam


Our mission is to end bear farming and that is what we will do by working with the governments of China and Vietnam, to promote alternatives to bear bile and reduce demand, and provide sanctuary for as many farmed bears as possible.




Please support our work, until the cruelty ends.

Anne Lloyd – Jones

You can help by bidding on any of the masks on the site, including Cathy Larsen’s




and Nick’s Blunt’s

‘The Green Spirit’

'The Green Spirit'


Although I have focused my fundraising on the rescue of bile bears, Animals Asia also rescues stray and abandoned dogs and tries to rescue or to improve the welfare of captive animals throughout China. Aside from bidding on a mask, you can use this link to find their website and donate a gift to a bear, or sponsor a bear, or even do your christmas shopping from their merchandise, all of which funds their work.