The last day, and Some thoughts about the Children in Crisis Fund from Ann James ….

Imagine you are a child – now in a place that is unfamiliar – maybe without your family – because they have died or disappeared in the horrific storm of war you have just escaped…



Pictures and sounds and thoughts stuck in your head that you can’t escape. Unnamable, unbearable things that have happened at home in Syria.




Now here you are in Lebanon – safe enough to stop still, to eat and play and talk and even sing.




Through books and story these children are now able to let some of their experiences out.



These children draw pictures of their lost homes


We can’t give them their homes back, but we can help and by so doing, show them that they matter.


Books are great for many reasons

Bibliotherapy may sound like medicine, but it’s really about recognising the power of story, the magic of reading – the escape,the comfort, the challenge – the company of books which supports kids to know that they can live happier, safer, hopefully – slowly but surely.

Julinda Abu Nasr, who heads up this project in Lebanon, thanks IBBY for their support ” in helping us restore some of the joy of childhood which these children have been deprived.

‘I believe that by helping these children we are serving humanity at large by avoiding hate, anger and revenge to destroy these children who are to be the decision makers of tomorrow.”

Ann James


All of the pictures of children in this article are news photographs  I selected to accompany Ann’s story. The captions are also mine. If you would like to know more about Syrian children in crisis, here are some good links:

embedded in the link below is some footage showing Syrian children, deprived of so much, telling what they would like.

some shattering statistics in this link below

Follow this link below to hear Syrian Children tell their own stories—-moheb-tells-his-story/30120


'The Company we Keep'

‘The Company we Keep’


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 … And if you have been outbid, or can’t afford to bid, consider buying a $20 bootleg Dreamscape CD and contributing in that small way. Or, go to the about the charities page,  find a link to IBBY and donate directly to the Children in Crisis Fund or to the Asia Bear Sanctuary.